Best gaming laptop under 200

Reviewing the best gaming laptops under 200 dollars

Not everyone is in a position to spend several hundred, or even thousands of dollars on a new laptop. Some people would rather make do with a simple and cheerful laptop that will get the job done! 

Fortunately, there are quite a number of manufacturers offering cheap products that can handle everyday computing with aplomb. I’m not promising you the world with this brand of laptops, but you should be able to play all your favorite computer games without hassle.

If you are not the one to look on the top shelves of the store while shopping, let me interest you in the best gaming laptops under 200 dollars.

Acer Cromebook R 11

Acer Aspire 1 A114-32

Samsung Chromebook

2019 Lenovo Chromebook

Dell Chromebook113181 

In a Hurry…

The test winner of our review after 48 hours of in-depth research is the Acer Chromebook R 11 Convertible Laptop. This amazing laptop has an ergonomic design with great hardware specs and still offers a long battery life, as well as good memory storage.

The display is exquisite and you get a solid overall performance for a laptop that will cost less than an average iPhone. Take a look at the table below to view our top picks for the best laptops under 200 you can play games with in this review:

Cheap Laptops Under 200- A Review

1. Acer Chromebook R 11 Convertible Laptop

  • arrow-rightCPU                                                                               1.6HZ  Intel Celeron N3150  CPU 
  • arrow-rightGraphics                                                                     Intel HD graphics        
  • arrow-rightDisplay                                                                        11.6-inch screen
  • arrow-rightMemory                                                                       4 GB DDR3L RAM 
  • arrow-rightStorage                                                                        32 GB HHD 

The Acer Chromebook R 11 is a special notebook in the category of Chrome OS-powered laptops. Unlike the majority of Chromebooks you know, this laptop is convertible and can be used in different modes as a result of its 360-degree hinges. This is a versatile feature that has seen 2-in-1 laptops earning more and more fans in recent times. This laptop runs on Intel Celeron N3150 Quad-Core processor and offers a processing speed of 1.6HZ with Intel Burst Technology that can go up to 2.08GHz. You also get 4GB of DDR3L onboard memory and 32GB of internal storage on the hard drive.

Our Rating



The Chromebook R 11 is ergonomically designed; a tough find at this price category. Its compact build has dimensions of c, which will easily fit in a bag. It also only weighs around 2.7 pounds, making it ideal to move around with.

This laptop sports a diamond-patterned finish on the outside that helps to enhance the level of grip and makes it easy to carry. The company also states that the outer cover is made out of aluminum, although it doesn’t feel as solid when you touch it. One feature that will impress you is the 360-degree hinge that allows the laptop to flip all the way to the other side so that you can use it in 4 different modes.


The laptop comes with an 11.6-inch HD touch display with an LED-backlit display. It offers a resolution of 1366 by 768 pixels, which leaves you with decent graphics. The wide display comes in a 16:9 aspect ratio that has become standard among most cheap laptops nowadays.

The R 11 offers good color resolution while managing to provide pretty decent viewing angles. The only disappointment is that the display isn’t well lit and this makes it cumbersome to use outdoors under natural light. The laptop only offers 225 nits of brightness; quite dismal compared to the over 300 nits that most of its rivals manage.

Ports and Connectivity

This unique laptop provides you with a USB 3.0 port for fast and reliable data transfer, add a USB 2.0 port that acts as an extra peripheral.

 There is also an HDMI Port, a 3.5mm audio jack, a charging port, as well as HDMI port on the laptop.

For connectivity, the R11 packs the latest MIMO 802.11 ac wireless technology, which makes for a smooth, reliable, and uninterrupted online browsing experience. It further has Dual-Band support to accommodate both 5GHz and 2.4GHz networks effortlessly. 


This laptop has a 720p HD front webcam that doesn’t exactly offer much. The camera doesn’t produce the most accurate colors, and neither are the images clear. It also produces a bit of noise when capturing images, which can be somewhat irritating.

However, it should give you what you are looking for whenever you make that occasional Skype call, even though the images appear a bit blurred on the 11.6-inch display. 

Battery Life

The Chromebook R11 offers at least 10 hours of use on a single charge. You can credit this to the 3220mAh battery that powers it and the battery backup which allows the laptop to score highly on this category.

This laptop will require about 2hrs to get back to a full charge, providing you with a solid battery that doesn’t take too long to charge. 


The laptop runs on the latest Chrome Operating System powered by Google.

You’ll also love that Google promised constant updates to keep the laptop safe and prevent it from lagging.Another interesting promise from Google is that Chromebooks will soon be running on Android applications. 


Overall, the Acer Chromebook R11 delivers a solid performance thanks to its impeccable battery lifespan and a one-of-a-kind convertible option. Except for a few misses, it is a great money’s worth, especially at this price point. A review of its contenders shows that very few can rival its performance and versatility. 

2. Acer Aspire 1 A114-32-C1YA

  • arrow-rightCPU                                                                               1.1GHz Intel Celeron N4000 
  • arrow-rightGraphics                                                                    Intel HD graphics      
  • arrow-rightDisplay                                                                       11.6-inch Display
  • arrow-rightMemory                                                                      4 GB DDR3L RAM 
  • arrow-rightStorage                                                                       32GB HHD 

The Acer Chromebook R 11 is a special notebook in the category of Chrome OS-powered laptops. Unlike the majority of Chromebooks you know, this laptop is convertible and can be used in different modes as a result of its 360-degree hinges. This is a versatile feature that has seen 2-in-1 laptops earning more and more fans in recent times. 

This laptop runs on Intel Celeron N3150 Quad-Core processor and offers a processing speed of 1.6HZ with Intel Burst Technology that can go up to 2.08GHz. You also get 4GB of DDR3L onboard memory and 32GB of internal storage on the hard drive.

Our Rating



Overall, the Aspire 1 has a basic design; nothing fancy but quite clean and robust. The exterior sports a brushed aluminum finish on the lid that gives it a stylish glow that blends in well with the silver Acer logo. The finish is no different around the keyboard when you open the lid, resulting in a uniform and decent look.

One thing that won’t impress you about the laptop is the placement of the speakers. Their position at the bottom on opposite sides tends to muffle the sound, meaning that you don’t get the best audio profile. I guess this is one of the prices you have to pay for a $200 worth laptop; just a little sacrifice. 


This laptop comes with a 14-inch TN panel with high screen resolution. This is actually one of Aspire 1 strongholds as you’ll barely find another laptop in this price range that offers full HD display. However, you don’t get the best viewing angles and you’ll have to make do with inaccurate color resolution. 

The display is a little dim but the matte coating on the top edges reduces the reflection whenever you’re using the laptop in highly illuminated areas. Another great thing about this laptop is that its screen can be rotated beyond 180 degrees. Overall, it is a decent panel that would more than suffice the needs of any binge-watchers.

Keyboard and Touchpad

This is another great feature on the Aspire 1. The ergonomic keys are nice to type on and have ample travel. They are also slightly larger than standard, making them excellent for typing. However, some keys have been jumbled, so you might need a few minutes to adjust before getting used. 

Meanwhile, the touchpad has a little wobble but it should get the job done. It makes use of Windows Precision drivers and will support gestures. Compared to other laptops like the HP Stream 14, the board on the Aspire 1 is fairly impressive.


This is one specification that the manufacturer compromised on this laptop.

 The webcam is pretty underwhelming and produces a regrettable picture and video quality, even for a laptop this affordable.

The view is grainy with vanished colors and completely out of focus.

Ports and Connectivity

The laptop has quite several useful ports, including an ethernet port that lets you plug in an ethernet cable for faster internet speeds.

 There’s also an HDMI output port that delivers 4K at 30 FPS, as well as a USB 3.O port for data transfer. Additionally,

 you get an SD card slot for more memory storage capacity.


The laptop runs on Windows 10 in S mode; very suitable for individuals looking for added security on their laptop. The S mode limits third-party apps that you may want to download and will only support apps that are available on the Microsoft store. However, with just a few clicks, you can always move to the regular Windows 10 Home if you don’t fancy the S mode. Aside from Windows 10, you will find other default apps and games on the laptop such as Candy Crush Saga, Township, Cooking Fever, ACG Player, Royal Revolt 2, Amazon, etc. which will be a godsend for an avid gamer. 

Battery Life

According to the manufacturer, this laptop will last around 6.5 hours on a full charge cycle, which is slightly less than the 7-hour industry average, but still decent regardless. You’ll also need to charge it for 2hrs and 17mins to get it back to a full charge which can be quite a wait for anyone eager to get back to playing their favorite game.


At this price, the Acer Aspire 1 is a solid laptop with few rivals in the industry. It can effortlessly handle some mobile games and any other basic computer duties you might want to work on. Whether it is browsing the web, editing word excel or play games, you have a dependable machine in the Aspire 1.

3. ​Samsung Chromebook 3

  • arrow-rightCPU                                                                                1.2GHz  Intel Celeron N3060 CPU
  • arrow-rightGraphics                                                                    Intel HD graphics      
  • arrow-rightDisplay                                                                      11.6-inch Display
  • arrow-rightMemory                                                                      4G DDR3 RAM 
  • arrow-rightStorage                                                                    64GB HDD 

The new Samsung Chromebook 3 offers you the typical entry-level Chromebook price. It is amazingly affordable and sports a portable and crisp design that you can carry anywhere you go. It has surely made a name in the now-crowded under $200 Chromebook market as you’ll see in this review.

This laptop runs on the Chrome OS and is powered by Intel Celeron N3060 processor. It offers speeds of 1.2GHz to 1.6GHz and has 4G DDR3 of RAM and 64GB of internal memory storage. The laptop is also compatible with Bluetooth v4.0

Our Rating



The Chromebook 3 has a likable design. It measures 11.37 x 0.7 x 8.04 inches and only weighs 2.54 lbs to give you a sleek laptop that you can easily slip into your bag and take it anywhere you want to go.

Even though it is not constructed with premium materials, it still feels quite sturdy all over.

The outer surface is also ergonomic and offers you a decent grip when you hold it in your hands. This way, there is little chance of dropping the laptop when you’re carrying it. 


This laptop offers an 11.6-inch display with a maximum resolution of 1366 by 768. Although the display is conveniently wide, it is not as bright as we would have wished. And this makes it a problem to use out in the sun since the visibility is significantly diminished. 

You get vibrant colors but the 11.6-inch display is generally dim. The video and image quality are nothing near great and the audio could be stronger. I believe the location of the speakers on the underside of the laptop is what causes the sound to be muffled when a video is playing. 

Keyboard and Touchpad

The Samsung Chromebook 3 is fitted with a spill-resistant board that feels easy to touch. The slightly curved keys fit naturally to your fingertips and this makes typing a joy. They also have wide travel that allows you to continue typing with little hassle. 

The only thing I didn’t fancy about the keyboard is the layout. The power button and the rest of the keys are just too close together if you ask me. Meanwhile, the touchpad is wide and has a smooth, cool feel. It also responds quite well to the slightest of touches. 


The laptop comes with all the ports you could ever need. The left side of the laptop features a battery indicator, as well as a slim jack for the AC adapter and USB 2.0 port. You also get a full-size HDMI port for fast data transfer and a MicroSD card slot for extra memory storage.

The opposite side has a USB 3.0 port and a combination microphone and audio jack. However, you won’t have a USB-C port on the Chromebook 3, which should not come close to being a deal-breaker at this price range. 

Battery Life

You will enjoy eight to ten hours with this laptop when fully charged, which is pretty decent by industry standards. Generally, Chrome OS laptops offer impressive battery life and this could be because the Celeron processor is not as demanding. The time you get with this battery should be enough to get through your workday and still have some power left for a game break. 


The cheap price tag that the Samsung Chromebook 3 comes with puts it on the list of the best laptops under 200 in the market. However, it’s not only the price that will draw you to it; the laptop has a decent design with good performance and superior battery power. 

There are a couple of legitimate reasons why you would want to spend on this laptop and the best part is that you won’t regret the decision.

4. 2019 Lenovo 11.6″ HD IPS Touchscreen 2-in-1 Chromebook

  • arrow-rightCPU                                                                             1.84 GHz Intel® Quad-Core Z8300
  • arrow-rightGraphics                                                                   Intel HD graphics      
  • arrow-rightDisplay                                                                      11.6-inch Display
  • arrow-rightMemory                                                                    4 GB RAM 
  • arrow-rightStorage                                                                      32GB eMMC 

The Lenovo Chromebook C330 will perfectly handle all your web surfing, document editing, emailing, online productivity, and other computing needs.

 It has a nice design and offers an overall high performance that you’ll not easily find at this price range.

Our Rating



The laptop has a basic build quality; it is not flimsy or flawed but doesn’t come close to what the Acer Chromebook 11 brings to the table.

 This laptop only measures 2.64, which is lightweight enough to be part of your luggage on your daily commute. 

It has dimensions of 0.77 by 11.4 by 8.5 inches, allowing you to carry it in your briefcase without taking too much space.

The lid can recline all the way to the back, which is a nice feature that allows you to convert the laptop into a tablet. 

The best design laptop under $200 with high end designs and colors. 


This Chromebook will impress you with its wide 11.6-inch display. The display offers 1366 by 768 resolution, which is not the highest you can get, but still agreeable at this price point. Unlike other laptops in our review, this laptop offers sufficient screen brightness that allows you to use it outdoors.

However, you may not be able to turn down the screen brightness too far, and this won’t conserve power. Otherwise, the contrast is great and Google Docs will appear good on a black-on-white as opposed to a dark-gray-on-light-gray. 

The 11.6-inch display offers nice views of images and documents. The edges of the screen are made of white plastic which matches well with the black keys and thick bezels around the display. You get broad viewing angles and you don’t have to worry about reflections on the glossy surface of the laptop screen. This results in sharp images and videos displayed on the screen. 

Keyboard and Touchpad

The board on this laptop has a sleek design that will be natural to type on. It is arranged in the familiar Chromebook pattern whereby the search key replaces the Caps Lock. You also get dedicated buttons for brightness, browser navigation, and volume on the top row. 

The keys are ergonomic and will give you an easy time whenever you feel like typing. This is something anybody making a shift from Windows will appreciate. You also want to note that the keyboard has no Home/End and Page Up/Page Down keys.The touchpad is also very responsive!

Ports and Connectivity

This laptop offers different kinds of ports that you may need for your connectivity. The left side of the laptop has a USB-A, USB-C, as well as an HDMI port for fast data transfer. You can also access an SD card slot for extra memory storage space and just like most Chromebooks around, the system offers 100GB of Google Drive cloud memory storage lasting two years.

On the other side, you will get an audio jack, a volume rocker, a power button, and a Kensington lock slot. There is also a USB Type-C port that can be used as a DisplayPort connection. 

Battery Life

The Lenovo Chromebook 3 has an excellent battery. It is equipped with a 45Wh battery that will last at least 11 hours on a full charge when using the laptop for basic computing duties. This will include continuous streaming with the screen brightness at 150nits. 

The battery can easily last a full day when you are at the office or at school. Another great thing about the battery is that it only requires 1.5 to 2 hours to fully charge. This leaves you with a high-performance battery that will charge in the shortest time possible.


If you’ve never been sure about whether to try using a Chromebook that supports the Android-future that Google is pushing, this amazing laptop from Lenovo will review your resolve. It has a nice design with an ergonomic keyboard and a long battery life.

And you also get the laptop at an affordable price which makes the deal even sweeter. 

5. Dell Inspiron Chromebook 11 3181

  • arrow-rightCPU                                                                            Intel CeleronN3060 processor
  • arrow-rightGraphics                                                                  Intel HD graphics       
  • arrow-rightDisplay                                                                      11.6-inch Display
  • arrow-rightMemory                                                                    4 GB RAM 
  • arrow-rightStorage                                                                    32GB eMMC 

The Dell Inspiron Chromebook is a 2-in-1 laptop that can either be used as a laptop or tablet. It comes with a chunky and rugged design with an impressive battery.

 At such an affordable price range, this laptop would make a wonderful choice for students or anyone looking for a casual, everyday laptop.

Our Rating



Dell Inspiron 11 3181 is just what you would expect from an entry-level Chromebook as far as design is concerned. The laptop comes with a plastic and rubber case that at best is basic to look at but still offers a sturdy build quality. The hard casing won’t yield under pressure while the rubber shock absorber on the outer edges insures you against bumps and possible drops. 

Dell Inspiron measures 11.9 by 8.1 by o.8 inches and weighs in at just over 3 pounds. The laptop is compact and lightweight enough to fit in your tiny backpack without being a significant weight burden. The hinges are a little beefy and firmly hold the screen in place at any angle. 

They are also flexible and allow you to fold the screen all to the other side so that you can use the Dell Inspiron 3181 as a tablet. Nevertheless, the laptop might feel heavy for little kids who will have trouble carrying it for prolonged periods. Even though the chunky feel of the laptop might seem suited for little and feeble hands. 

Battery Life

One area where the Dell Inspiron Chromebook leaves competitors in the dust is the battery power. This laptop has a dependable battery that can last at least nine hours when burdened with constant use.

This will include anything from online browsing, video streaming, music, word processing, and document typing/editing.

However, when you use it for general easy duties with periods of inactivity, the battery can go upwards of 13 hours on a full charge,

which is way above what most Chromebooks will offer you. 

This means you can last a whole school or workday without needing to boost its charge;

 you’ll probably just leave the charger back home. 


The Dell Inspiron 11 3181 comes with a wide 11.6-inch IPS display that offers great quality and proves to be a cut above a lot of the competition. Although it’s not the best IPS display you can get, it is decent enough for a low-level Chromebook.

Unfortunately, the screen suffers from low brightness levels. This means than using it in the sunlight can be cumbersome since you’ll have trouble with visibility. Any images you have on the screen will appear grimmer than they actually are. On the bright side, the 11.6-inch display is perfectly suited for indoor use and looks quite fine in darkened spaces. 

You get decent viewing angles, which comes in handy for this 2-in-1 laptop while the color accuracy is more than acceptable for a laptop this affordable. There is some backlight that becomes more visible when you view the screen from an extreme angle, although the image doesn’t get washed beyond your ability to make it out.


This laptop is powered by Chrome OS, which a lot simpler to use compared to Windows or Mac OS.

The Chromebook provides you with access to the Chrome web store and is compatible with Android apps.

 This enables you to install any Android app on the store that you feel may improve the overall quality of the laptop as far as your work is concerned. 

Chrome OS also offers you the opportunity to dual boot your preferred flavor of Linux, for those who have a thing for technology,

 which broadens your options even further as far as the type of software you can run. 


The built-in webcam you find on the laptop would suffice any personal use, although it may want to review your decision to get on an official video conference. The visuals are sharp enough and appear just fine in a well-lit room. However, the color quality is notably underwhelming. Shadows are quite dark while any bright areas seem blown out, especially when using it under natural light. The quality of sound is also not something you can go on about, which we’ve come to expect from laptops in this price position. 

The speakers are fairly loud when the volume is turned to maximum, but you’ll notice a certain level of distortion as you go higher. They are also quite tiny and offer a very low bass profile. The stereo speakers at the front of the laptop sound muffled at any volume level. 


Overall, the Dell Inspiron 11 3181 Chromebook is a nice piece of machinery that offers a great bang for the buck. It has a stellar design with an impeccable battery life that will last the whole workday. Its compact design and durable construction make it a great pick for students.


Q: Are Chromebooks Good for Gaming?

A: When you have a Chromebook, you can access anything and everything that is on the Chrome Web Store. This means you are just a click away from most of the games supported by a Chromebook. 

The question of whether a Chromebook makes a good laptop for games will boil down to your definition of gaming. If you are just a casual or social gamer, you’ll indeed have fun with a Chromebook. However, if you are a die-hard gamer who prefers AA titles day and night, it won’t be a choice laptop for you!


It doesn’t necessarily have to cost you an arm and a leg just to get a functional product. Numerous laptops on the market will go easy on your budget and still offer you the kind of deals and experience you are after.

Above, we review the best laptops under 200 that you can get. Generally, this brand of laptops offers more or less the same hardware specifications, so aspects such as model design, size, weight, and even battery power might ultimately guide your final choice.