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Finding a mid-range notebook that’s bang for your buck can be complicated considering all the variables, from manufacturers who do not always deliver on their promises, and the up and down prices of notebooks in this tier.HP ProBooks are underrated mainstream notebooks directed at budget-conscious business users. Using a form factor that offers a straight-forward layout that will assist you to get right down to business, the HP ProBook 455 G3 collection, with the AMD Quad-Core A10-8700P system on a chip under the hood, it’s a machine tick the important boxes.You get build quality with a premium feel and fashionable design that doesn’t draw attention to itself.The ProBook 455 G3 provides a superb experience with an elegant and robust chassis, decent screen and great touchpad and keyboard. And an M.2 SSD slot (which is uncommon to see this price point) and you have a contender in the under 600 dollar price range.The 15-inch ProBook has rounded corners which give it a shape that is consistent with other budget notebooks. The lid is matte with a slightly rubberized feel to provide sturdiness that is excellent quality and provides a safe grip. The combination of matte-black plastic and metal materials give it a high contrast with all the reflective HP emblem positioned the dead center of the lid; giving the laptop a minimalist approach to achieve an upscale, professional appearance.



  • check-circleAMD A10-8700P
  • check-circleIntegrated GPU
  • check-circle16GB DDR3L RAM


  • check-circle44 Wh 6-cell lithium ion
  • check-circle5-7 hour lifespan
  • check-circle3 hour gaming



  • check-circleUnder $600
  • check-circleComes with a 1 year warranty

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In Depth Review

The Display

The ProBook 455 G3’s 15.6-inch screen is ideal for getting down to business. Wherever business may take you. It has a wide viewing angle with LED back-lighting and anti-glare flat screen. The WXGA 1366 x 768 resolution comes in handy for viewing HD videos. But is far from impressive. It should be sufficient for general browsing and office work, although the display achieves 50% of sRGB gamut. Photo editors must look elsewhere. Another negative is the low brightness, along with color contrast and saturation not being striking, it makes it hard to view your work when outdoors.

Size and Weight

At 4.7 lbs (2.217kg) and .98-inches (24.8 millimeters), the ProBook 455 G3 is not the most backpack friendly laptop out there. And it is thicker than the 14-inch variant which is only .83-inches (21.1mm). However, it felt easy and light to carry; which makes it a notebook suitable for traveling.

hp probook 455

Keyboard and Touchpad Quality

The keyboard deck is reinforced in a pattern that adds rigidity and resists flex, while still managing to feel pleasant to touch. You’ll find that the keyboard provides space, as a result of the keys which include a number pad. The keys are textured instead of smooth (this can be a style feature you’ll either love or down-right despise). The keyboard is suitable for travel. Strokes are sharp with proper spacing. Our only complaint is that the keyboard is not back-lit. The trackpad quality was lackluster. The positioning is off-center but did not diminish usability. And though mostly responsive, it was sometimes unwilling to register movements.

The Processor and GPU

The AMD system on a chip was certainly not a bad performer. The AMD A10-8700P with 2MB cache processor and four cores is clocked at a base rate of 1.8GHz, with a maximum speed of 3.2 GHz. The system runs fast and will do most everything you need multiple applications to run smoothly. The AMD A10-8700P is excellent for web browsing, office work, and websites. You get affordable performance with the energy-efficient AMD A-string APU which is robust enough for most of your own multitasking needs.The ProBook 455 G3 multitasks effortlessly. But the machine will be stressed by resource thirsty applications like AAA title games or video editing. And even though the integrated GPU is not the best setup for gameplay, simple titles will probably do just fine, while more challenging games will require medium to very low settings.

Memory and Storage

The ProBook 455 G3 delivers when it comes to RAM and hard drive space. The whopping 16GB of DDR3L SDRAM is far above the standard for even high-end laptops. It enables you to quickly access frequently used files and information while allowing effortless multitasking, (you can open several tabs and run several programs simultaneously and not be slowed down.) A mechanical 1TB hard drive provides you with plenty of storage space that won’t leave you stranded wondering where to save all of your info.


The ProBook 455 G3 won’t let you down when it comes to connectivity. You will find one HDMI port and a VGA connector, and a set of USB 2.0 ports. Additionally, you get two USB 3.0 ports, a LAN port, and a 3.5 mm jack to help you get connected to all the hard drives, printers, memory card readers you may ever need. Not to mention that a driver CD is supplied should you need it someday.Only one band of 802.11 b/g/n WiFi is built in but, you get extra functionality in the form of wireless networking using Bluetooth 4.0 technologies so you can join additional compatible peripherals. Unfortunately, the WiFi card is only going to operate on 2.4 GHz, which means you won’t get the most from most Wi-Fi networks.

Battery Life

The 44 Whr Li-ion battery provides you with an above average battery for the price range, much better than the Lenovo Ideapad 510 we tested earlier this year. You should expect between 5 and 7 hours, depending on use. Battery life while gaming should be around 3 hours, but that varies greatly depending on how resource hungry the game is.

hp probook 455 g3

The Sound System

This notebook has two front-facing speakers that are Dolby digitally accredited. In fact, the quality of the audio is decent in comparison to the competition, although this statement might create false expectations. Unfortunately, almost all mid-range laptops, including the Lenovo Ideapad, have shitty sound. As with every other laptop’s sound system, mid and the bass are jammed. The sound fills a room, and you can rely on speakers without needing to plug in speakers while watching movies, sports or a Youtube video.

The Verdict: Great performance, good battery, average screen

The HP ProBook 455 G3 series with AMD Quad-Core A10-8700P processor is a machine that proves to be a suitable desktop replacement.Our biggest concern was the display, but other than that tit’s a laptop that is capable of fulfilling all of your entertainment needsIn spite of its shortcomings, we highly recommend this laptop. The HP ProBook 455 G3 provides rugged build quality, powerful hardware, a variety of ports and an ok display.It’s portable enough to take along wherever you might go. Lastly, the 16GB of RAM and humongous HDD storage are standout features which are further complemented by a spritely processor and long battery life. Note that business users may want to update to the Window 10 Professional to unlock the extra features. It’s a notebook for anyone on the market for high performance at an affordable price.The Probook 455 G3 compares favorably to other HP laptops, and to many other laptops in the 500-600 dollar price range.

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